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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

HERE IS A SUM-UP OF OUR CALL: 19.03.2020 Dismanage Please AMIR: private:The Zoom Bar- the greatest invention of the Lorna virus. Online ZOOM everyone has alcohol and snacks and put music on and everyone dances. Has been at home since a week. Cinducting research online, Closing lose ends of projects. Somewhere next weeks most things are going to end. We want to brainstorm solutions and services to create the presence with the costumers to design remote working models from sprints to research etc and propose this to the cotumsers. Co-create with the selected beloved costumers and ask them what they think about it. PAOLO: private:Is very worried because mom has lung cancer he cannot visit his mom because he is scared he can give the virus. Fixed cost of the company with salaries, with or without projects. H feels responsible for the well-being of the team members. professional: clients are still paying although we are not working. We have resources until September. After that have to come out with a strategy to make 200k in 3 months. we are in the very beginning of the virus spread. We will use the time to do things that we have time for. New branding, neu ideas, new this, new that. Develop th exchange program - ist now stopped. How can we keep each other closer together? Without traveling. Paolo is developing content. ADRIANA: She is Toronto with her mother. In canada they stopped country in the country. I wrapped up with the bank and I wished i hadn’t. Now all the other rprpojects have been postponed. Everything is uncertain, I don’t have the overhead. In my networks everyone is thinking how do we continue to do DT in this new environment. Is ingoing to be the same. What are we using virtually versus in person. How do we retain the human-to-human piece even is we try to work virtually. Maybe it is th time to think of how/it it can replace it. JORGE Dani has everything sorted with multimedia and food for th clock-down. Dani’s mom is living there. The new house is refurbished and going on. Working 12 hours/day to change things to virtual and digital. We have a lot of postponed but no canceled deals. Clients don’t rush to cancel. We have a new proposal for a local health care project. European Project and Colombia we have received requests for companies and universities that need e-leanring. We have this platform and tools and we are selling what we have in Colombia. Jorge created the master classes for 3 days- the DTW is running successfully. The attitude and tech savvy ness of the kids. 25-35 know how to work remotely. Students willingness to find even more online tools than the ones we propose. People are flexible. EDUARDO Very worried about the virus and staying home. We are working on 3 proposals. two medium sized banks and a construction company. working online, sell online. 3-4- months of zero revenues. DANIELA Postive about the world stopping for a moment to breathe and the nature taking a rest. A lot of business was canceled due to clients closing ops. But at the same time lots of new requests for online formats, innovative thinking and teching. Positive about the new wave DISCUSSION: We are a group of problematic people? Arne started to create an offensive defensive group in parallel. Tim called Amir for a shallow discussion… Tim and Arne seem to spearate. CORONA might be a great perspective. We have more times to set things up. Let’s use this time to build it- to share stuff- to create the narrative of the new concept. PUT DISMANAGE back on the agenda. Let’s start trying to listen to my costumers with different ears. Different approach to market! What of corona is the thing that needs to happen! FIND A STORYLINE LET’S GET REVENUE RIGHT AWAY! The News story is combined - what is the new thing that we want bring to the costumer. Creating this new offering in these crazy times, it’s ok to create the new narrative. PLAN: Let’s do a one week SPRINT like the DTW from Elisava Barcelona only with our brains and our group! MONDAY to FRIDAY (Friday we present the results to each other). Jorge takes to role of the process facilitator. We meet every day one hour. 17-18 and the rest small private sprints. LET’S DO THIS!

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